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Dancing on the Mic Dancing on the MicDate: 29/06/2015

There can't be an English-speaking cycling fan on the planet who has not grown up without the voice of Phil Liggett...

There once was a man from devices There once was a man from devicesDate: 22/06/2015

What makes a good man, with a good job, a comfortable life and burgeoning racing pedigree pack it all in and ride through Africa?

All purpose All purposeDate: 23/05/2015

Another new category of bicycle is emerging, one that might even be pitch-perfect ...

Bikes, Brothers, Beaches Bikes, Brothers, BeachesDate: 28/03/2015

We can just imagine the excitement when Jbzi2Kozi guru Andy Coetzee suggested to his twin brother Mark that they ride from...

Roll out tight muscles Roll out tight musclesDate: 31/01/2015

The foam roller is an excellent tool for cyclists, so you need to persevere and learn to love it!

Fat bottomed bikes... Fat bottomed bikes...Date: 25/01/2015

Far, far away, in a land filled with snow and malamutes, lives a bike nut named Bill Fleming. One day, he persuaded "Mr African...

EAT yourself FIT EAT yourself FITDate: 01/12/2014

There's more to fun riding than hours of training; the right nutrition is key to getting the best from yourself. Let's look at...

A clean Break - Christophe Bassons A clean Break - Christophe BassonsDate: 27/09/2014

Were it not for his run-in with Lance Armstrong, Christophe Bassons, the sole clean rider on the infamous '98 Festina team ...

Red, red ride... Red, red ride...Date: 06/09/2014

Adventures in a lost world. Ride dispatched Graham Rogoff across an ocean to the inaugural Red Island Ride in Madagascar.

Live the Dream - check out these road bikes ridden by pros Live the Dream - check out these road bikes ridden by prosDate: 01/08/2014

Do you drool over bikes ridden by the pros in the Tour de France? Maybe it's time to buy yourself a bike similar those ridden...

Light relief - lighting choices for your cycle Light relief - lighting choices for your cycleDate: 04/07/2014

Seeing and being seen has come a long way in recent years. See the new-generation LED light sets, which are becoming affordable ..

Tour de France 5 - 27 July 2014 Tour de France 5 - 27 July 2014Date: 01/07/2014

Tour de France - Follow the Action from Leeds - Harrogate - 5th July 2014.

Looking for Adventure Looking for AdventureDate: 16/06/2014

Fancy cycle touring but don't know where to start? Here, a cricket fan who rode from London to Brisbane - Ashes to Ashes - ...

Toxic Waste stops cyclists from reaching their potential Toxic Waste stops cyclists from reaching their potentialDate: 24/05/2014

There's room for daily improvement away from the bike in terms of what you consume and how you take care of your body.

The Truth about Long Travel The Truth about Long TravelDate: 21/05/2014

How much power does suspension soak up? Would you actually be quicker without it? A smooth ride makes you faster right? Let's ...

Fitness Fast Fitness FastDate: 04/04/2014

Summer is here and the funrides are calling - but with time at premium, you're going to need to take some shortcuts to boost ...

Kenya dig it Kenya dig itDate: 23/03/2014

A prologue, he called it. RVO organiser Eric Nesbitt, as Tim Brink quickly discovered, could be Kenya's very own Dr Evil.

Story of an African Ride around Zambia Story of an African Ride around ZambiaDate: 15/03/2014

While riding a 20 kg dikwiel around Zambia, adventurer and environmental writer David Bristow had an epiphany about the meeting...

Love Zertz - Disc brakes for bikes have finally arrived Love Zertz - Disc brakes for bikes have finally arrivedDate: 02/03/2014

The next big thing, or a fading fad? Disc brakes have finally made it to the road. And we love them! Fad, schmad.

Power Trap - Garmin's Vector power-measuring pedals Power Trap - Garmin's Vector power-measuring pedalsDate: 21/02/2014

The interminable wait for Garmin's Vector power- measuring pedals is finally over. Were they worth the wait? Absolutely, but ...

Next stop Mexico - cycle through the Rockies Next stop Mexico - cycle through the RockiesDate: 24/01/2014

What sane person would willingly ride their bike the length of the Rockies? Have you ever held a picture in your mind that is ...

Train your Brain Train your BrainDate: 14/09/2013

A little mental mastery can help you keep a clear head in stressful situations. We talk to the experts and find out how to use ...

Bike-tripping down Abbey Road Bike-tripping down Abbey RoadDate: 31/08/2013

In which a bunch of old riding greezers, and David Bristow, get to place one big tick on their bucket lists, learn some hard ...

The X Factor The X FactorDate: 17/08/2013

In simple terms, cross-training is doing things other than riding a bike to train for cycling. The science, obviously, is far ...

The Balancing Act The Balancing ActDate: 06/07/2013

Work, family, the bike - not many can juggle all three and be successful. We speak to some racing snakes who do just that.

If the Kids aren't alright If the Kids aren't alright Date: 22/06/2013

Scary statistics about the use of performance enhancing drugs by students and school athletes. This is a world-wide phenomenon.

Technical Climbs Technical ClimbsDate: 21/05/2013

Keep stalling and spinning out? Here's how to take on those tricky, steep technical ascents and win.

Roc 'n Roll Roc 'n Roll Date: 19/03/2013

For the last 29 Octobers, mountain bikers from round the world have, ahem, descended on the French Riviera for the Roc d'Azur.

Descend like a downhiller - advice for bikers Descend like a downhiller - advice for bikersDate: 22/01/2013

Whether you're a weekend warrior, marathon racer or budding cross-country star, you can learn something from the racers attack ...

Patching punctures in the soul Patching punctures in the soulDate: 22/01/2013

In Angola, I learned that touring at a cycling pace is ideal for healing inner wounds and replacing bad memories with better ...

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